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The Church Pageant


We are very grateful to Richard Tipler, who has sent us a series of photos taken on his first camera, a Brownie 127, back in 1955/56. It was at this time that the Church organised a spectacular outdoor Pageant which took place in Renwick's field at the back of St Cross. One of the main characters in the Pageant was John the Baptist, who was played by Richard's father, Harry Tipler, a staunch member of the Church. The following photo, also sent by Richard, was taken by Brian M Robins and shows Harry in his full costume.


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Richard's photos of the Pageant are shown below and give a clear indication of the impressive size of the scenery which was built for the event. We will be very pleased to hear from anyone who can name any of the unknown actors shown in these pictures. At present, we know of only one well-known Ridgeway resident who appears there!



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