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The original photograph shown above left is from Brian and Celia Atkin’s collection and the location was previously unknown. Further inspection suggested that the buildings in the background might be Ridgeway School and that the photograph would therefore have been taken near High Lane. The photograph shown above right has been taken from the triangle on High Lane and compares very well, showing the school in the same relative position. The high wall (probably refurbished) is also seen. Interestingly, the large poplar tree also appears to be present on the photograph below, which is from 1901.

The photograph above shows the banner after enhancement and reveals the words “THE VILLAGE AWAITS YOU”.  It is likely that this was part of a set of welcoming arches to greet the newly married Charles and Dorothy Butcher as they journeyed to their home at The Lawn. (A photograph of a second arch on Main Road can be seen in the Village History Exhibition).

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