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A great deal of effort was put into organising a full day of celebrations to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953. Details of the programme are given below, together with copies of parts of the original document.


The Chairman of the Organising Committee was Mr Frank Hessey and he was assisted by Mrs B J Marsh as Treasurer and Mr C Wright as Secretary. Other Officials were Mrs J M Hallworth, Mr E A Tompkins, Mr T Nicholson, Mr A V Cooke, Mr F Whitaker, Mr A Renshaw, Mrs F Rodgers, Mrs E Rodgers, Miss M Shaw, Mr F Rodgers, Mr G V Bradley, Mr J R Bolsover, Mr G Coleman, Miss B Porter, Mr J E Bradshaw, Mr I Rodgers, Mr F Biggin, Mr C Bennett, Mrs F Hessey, Mrs W Pearson, Mrs R Nicholson, Mrs F Whitaker, Miss M Pellatt, Mrs W Biggin, Mrs A Barker, Mrs G Cartledge, Mrs G Fisher, Mrs E Barker and Mrs M Bishop.



9.00am Telegram despatched to her Majesty the Queen
10.00am The Coronation Procession and Service as broadcast by the BBC Television Service will be on show on television sets in the County School. Children must be accompanied by a parent at this event.
2.00pm A service in the School Yard conducted by the Rev T D Featherstone and the Rev E S Sketchley.
2.00 - 4.00pm A competition for the best decorated houses will be judged by Mrs Bovill and friend. You are invited to decorate your house.
2.30pm Tree-planting ceremony. A tree will be planted opposite the War Memorial to complete the row of trees planted earlier in the year. The tree will be planted by the Rev T D Featherstone and the Rev E S Sketchley and will be received by Mr J F Stanier (County Councillor) on behalf of the County Council.
2.45pm A coronation seat will be unveiled in the War Memorial Grounds by Mr J Ingleton and will be accepted by Mrs J G Hutton JP on behalf of the Board of Management of the War Memorial. (X)
3.00pm ENTERTAINMENT on the Memorial Grounds.
  1. A CONCERT by the Joysters Concert Party in front of the Cricket Pavilion.



  2. CHILDREN'S NOVELTY SPORTS on the children's playing field. (X)
  3. CHILDREN'S FANCY DRESS PARADE on the playing field. (X)
  4. CLOCK GOLF COMPETITION on the small bowling green. (X)



5.00pm TEA in the County School for children of and under school age. Children must provide their own cups. Tea for Old People in the War Memorial.

In the County School Yard:

1. Presentation to Prizewinners by Mrs R Clegg. (X)

2. Presentation of Souvenir Spoons to children under school age by Mrs K R Biggin.

6.30pm FILM SHOW for children in the County School. (Sound projector supplied by Mr Richardson). Comic Cricket Match on the cricket field. (X)
7.30pm Whist Drive in the War Memorial (admission free). Open-air dancing on the small bowling green. (X) Talent Competition. Entries will be taken at the open-air dance. (X)
9.30pm DANCE in the County School (Admission free).  MC: Mr G V Bradley
10.30pm Lighting of the Bonfire on the Playing-field by Mrs B J Marsh heralded by the Phoenix Big Bang and a salvo of rockets. (X)
1.00am The National Anthem.


And the weather was very wet. Rain poured down all day and most of the events were postponed. However, despite this, celebrations did take place. The children were given a tea-party and entertained by the Joysters. The Old People had their tea and there was a successful dance in the evening.

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